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Protect Canadian Kids

Nicotine levels in e-cigarettes must be reduced to protect Canadian kids

Kids who try vaping products  are at high risk of becoming addicted users. Already, by the time kids finish high school, one-third are vaping.

Health Canada is proposing to limit the amount of nicotine that can be sold in vaping liquids to 20 mg/ml. This is the level that the European Union adopted several years ago. The vaping rates among young people in the European Union are far lower than those in Canada.

In Canada, some e-cigarettes have nicotine levels of 59 or 57 mg/ml, placing Canadian kids at risk and contributing to very high levels of youth vaping in Canada.

You can help protect Canadian kids by making sure these changes are adopted on an urgent basis to reduce youth vaping. Let Health Canada know that you support this important regulation by using the form below.

For more information: info@ProtectCanadianKids.ca