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Warnings on every cigarette will be effective.

In June, 2022, Health Canada announced a proposed regulation to require a health warning on every cigarette.  This measure is supported by research from many countries, but is opposed by the tobacco industry.

A health warning on every cigarette cannot be ignored. Such a warning will reach every smoker every day with every puff.  Kids who experiment by obtaining a cigarette from a friend will see the warning even if they do not see the warning on the package.

The proposed Health Canada warnings on each cigarette will be a world first and will reduce smoking, including among youth. The proposed regulation will also require new, updated warnings to appear on tobacco packages.

The federal government’s proposed health warning regulation is very important. However, the regulation should be strengthened. For the package, health warnings should be required at the top of front and back surfaces, instead of giving the tobacco industry the option to place warnings on the bottom. For warnings on the cigarette, the regulations should allow flexibility in the future to easily change the format and appearance.

You can help support the proposed new regulation and better protect Canadian kids. Let Health Canada know that you support a strong regulation on health warnings, including on every cigarette, and including improvements to make the regulation better. You can do so by using this form.

For more information: info@ProtectCanadianKids.ca

Here is a Health Canada mock-up of proposed new warnings for cigarettes and packages.