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Protect Canadian Kids

Flavoured Vapes Hook Kids

Young people who try vaping products are at high risk of becoming addicted users. Already, a stunning one-third of Canadian teenagers are vaping before they finish high school.

And what is a major reason kids give for vaping? Flavours. Their top three flavour choices are fruit, mint-menthol and candy; the flavour they generally avoid is tobacco flavour.

Health Canada wants to better protect kids from vaping and is planning a regulation to ban many vaping flavouring additives, with the exception of mint, menthol and tobacco flavours.Yet we know that mint-menthol are very attractive to youth.

The federal government’s proposed flavour restrictions are an important step forward, and are strongly opposed by the tobacco and vaping industries. However, the restrictions should be strengthened. There should be a ban on all flavours in e-cigarettes except tobacco flavouring.* 

You can help strengthen the proposed new regulation and better protect Canadian kids. Let Health Canada know that you support a strong regulation restricting flavours in e-cigarettes, including mint and menthol, by using this form. 

For more information: info@ProtectCanadianKids.ca

* This is the approach used by Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and by several European countries and U.S. states which restrict flavours in e-cigarettes.